The Project

My name is Simon, and I am a ghost agent. I am making an alternative version of the mobile game Aykashi:Ghost Guild with the help of some amazing individuals. Together we hope to create an unique educational project and new game setting: Ayakashi - made by players, for players.

Project statement

The intent and purpose of Atarashii-Ayakashi project, henceforth known as 'the project', is purely educational and not for profit.The intent and purpose of the project is as such: To explore and investigate the growth of social bonds and community of individuals who are otherwise unrelated across ethnic, national, and religious boundaries within the context of an online multiplayer fantasy card game, Ayakashi:Ghost Guild*, henceforth known as 'the game'.

The previous game, Ayakashi:Ghost Guild, was discontinued by its originators, but had created what appears to be real social networks amongst individuals who participated in the game. With the impending closure of the game, the opportunity to explore the depth and nature of the bonds created will be lost. Therefore, it is the intent and purpose of the project to continue the game setting in the interest of seeing how deeply and widely such relationships could be built and nurtured amongst its participants. An alternative game service will be created from scratch with references to original assets

At no time will the project or any representatives of the project accept money or any form of capital for profit. All participation is voluntary. The project may close prematurely if it is determined that there is no viable community possible across such variegated contexts. The project will reach its proper conclusion if and once the nature and expanse of the online community created by the game has been fully explored. In the event of the original game is returned by its originators, the project and the game will be terminated accordingly as such needs for an alternative is no longer applicable.

*Name is subjected to change

Special thank to Drifter.


The current progress and changes

Hello everyone! I understand you all have been waiting for news, and I'm happy to say I finally have some for you! We all deeply apologise that it has taken us this long to give you any word, but I promise that does not mean we have not been working on it! And for those who are worried, according to Simon himself, "As long as the project website still up and running, Atarashii project's still alive and the game will be made". We haven't given up on our dream!

Atarashii will bring new experiences to all Ayakashi lovers. Many changes are being made, including a new story and a new companion, Tik, the Anima of a pocket watch! Don't worry, we did not leave out everyone's favorites Mira and Dora! There will be new encounters and sealstones as well! The story will include adventurous twist and turns, ups and downs, and everything from joy to sorrow with your new allies! Sealstone daemon will play a whole new role of importance in the story!

Another major change is the new gifting system. Daily gifts will never be the same!
Imagine, instead of paying your way to get ahead in a mobile game, every ghost agent stand the same chance to collect daily gifts and items. Using them wisely and you can stay on top of the competition for event ranking.

Shrine of Seven Days will be enhanced. There are four new shrines with different appearances and rewards! Participating each of them will provide ghost agents with not only essential items, but also powerful daemons and special items!

With both old friends and new I hope you will have patience with us and join us on a new and fun filled journey!

Sarah - the Story teller.

Account Transferring

I know there are many of you still haven't received email about account imported through Last Chance Portal. The reason is simple, I haven't allocated time to carry out the verifying procedure. However, rest assured, as your accounts are stored in Atarashii database and can be activated in the near future. Please stay tuned!

Simon - Ghost agent.

Atarashii Ayakashi App

Atarashii Ayakashi login portal.

Atarasii Ayakashi is built on three key points:

  • - An alternative version of Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.
  • - Truly free-to-play trading card game. (There is no in-game-purchase).
  • - Made by players, for players.
New account registration will be opened after the Story component is successfully implemented.

Major updates

New Gifting system was implemented. However, the feature will be released as soon as the game's new interface is finished. That's right, we are working on developing a new layout for the game to replace the temporary interface which was created for testing purpose during account transferring process.

Simon - 26/07/15.

As some of you already know. The importing is happening and your accounts are being assessed. It's slow because I have to manually do some part. Someone announced a possibility of AYA2 in Chinese community. So if you want to continue spending on a mobile game please ignore this project.

Simon - 25/04/15.

Importing script is finished and I have tested with some accounts, including mine. It's all ready. However, please be patient and wait for the email response about your new account and password. I am still working on the user interface.

Simon - 19/04/15.

Importing script is nearly ready. The first account migration will be carried out on this weekend.
You will get notified about your new account details as soon as the server is active.

Simon - 17/04/15.

The import will take place in a couple of days later. After that I will try to finish the work on the game front-end and host it online. The first release will be very basic but you will be able to login and view your account along with all your cards and items

You will get notified about your new account details, along with a personalised message from Simon through email.
(Yes, I will reply to each and everyone email).

Simon - 15/04/15.


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